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Me :
About My World

I didn't grow up in the real world..

I didn't give up on it,

I was simply never invited..

But thats OK...

I now have a new world where life is clear,
that only special people are invited to,
Welcome to my dream,
Welcome to my nightmare.

My world
I exist in the darker side of Edinburgh (Scotland).
I have been in the Gothic (and darker worlds) for as long as I can remember.

I would like to invite you to a different philosophy.

In this world there are three kinds of people.

Some people make the world,
They create Situations, Playgrounds and walks into the fantasy that redefines the structure of our reality.

Some people are the cast,
the players who exist in this world without these people we have no world.
The cast are invited to create

The others, they try to close our minds,
feed us with what they know we need to believe.
They have lost the spark of life.... They live closed to all new thoughts

We can still win,
if we keep our minds open too new people, new thoughts, and new experiences

Question..... Think...... Learn
.............Enjoy X

Saphyre X

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